This I Believe

Gary - Chesapeake, Virginia
Entered on April 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe in Freedom

Four hundred years ago people first came to the New World to be rich, to worship any god that they choose and to start a new life. Little to their knowledge that less than two hundred years later they would be governing themselves and would have gained one of the most important things in the world: freedom. I believe in freedom. I believe that I have the right to do anything that I want; the only condition is that I can not interfere with another’s. I have the right to throw a punch but my right to throw it ends where someone’s face begins. I believe that I have the right to worship God anywhere, at anytime. I have the right–to live.

I have not always believed in freedom, for there was a time that I did not know what freedom was. One can not believe in something unless one knows about it. I did not know what it was because during my life it had never been challenged. For the first time in my life that freedom, which I did not know I had, was challenged on September 11, 2001. On that day, I learned what I had and that I can never lose it. I remember when I came home from school and watched the films of the World Trade Centers collapsing over and over again. I recall going to bed and turning on a small radio, keeping the volume low so my parents would not hear that I was still up, listening to the death toll steadily climbing. On September 11th I believed in something new, freedom. I believed that this freedom gave all the right to life, the right to worship any god they choose, or none at all, right to be treated fairly and justly and the right to pursue happiness. I knew those freedoms I wanted my children and my children’s children to experience.

My life changed drastically on September 11th. For the first time I knew what freedom was and that it was worth protecting. I want to protect freedom for all Americans and if at all possible, give it to others. I have decided to pursue a career with the Federal Bureau of Investigations in which I can help people who have had their freedom violated. I am going to do this for one reason, because I believe in freedom.

There are two things that I believe in: God and freedom. I will gladly give my life for anything that I believe in and I believe in God and freedom. Therefore, I am willing to die for them. Being free gives me the right to worship my God, to be the individual that God created me to be. On September 11th, a new belief awoke inside of me, so I can now say, I believe in freedom.