This I Believe

jim - carlisle, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 10, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: work

I believe— in the value of the attempt.

I believe in the energizing and ennobling value of the “attempt.” Most people concentrate on and derive their greatest satisfaction from winning–from victory. I am by no means critizing those who savor the sweetness of a successful enterprise, but such victories are often subject to or the result of the vagaries of chance and, in many instances, are dependent upon the misfortune of others.

By contrast, attempts– and I am referring to serious , valiant attempts– not the half-hearted variety– are actions over which the actor has complete control and are not affected by or dependent upon outside influences. Undertaken with conviction and energy, attempts strengthen us and because of their existential essence make us more alive. Carried out with persistence , they purify the soul. They result in learning, and , at least to some degree, achievement–and they always make us better.

Attempts invariably result in a lessening of the distance between the status quo and the desired. They demonstrate the strength of our will and the depth of our optimism. One who attempts always accomplishes–something.

More than once in my professional life, I have had the good fortune of being involved in ” attempts” which, although not resulting in a

clear victory, provided me with tremendous satisfaction from merely having moved the ball a few yards closer to the goal.

Often, that is all we will be able to attain on life. We must lear nto relish and take pride in that reality.

Trying, attempting, endeavoring, giving it “our best shot” must be recognized as more than just a step towards some ultimate goal. Attempts in and of themselves are “achievements.”

When more of us inderstand this, much more good will be accomplished. Fewer bets will be hedged and fewer folks will choose to remain on the sidelines of life. The result will be an endless stream of incremental progress and self fulfillment.

What do you say? Let’s give “attempts” a try.