This I Believe

Awais - Des Plaines, Illinois
Entered on April 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30


What’s one thing that you want more than anything? Some people would say

happiness, world peace or something of that nature but I would say money,

and that’s what I believe. I believe in C.R.E.A.M and that stands for Cash

Rules Everything Around Me. I believe that money makes the world go round,

and with money you can buy happiness, and with money comes power and

respect. You can ultimately overcome most of life’s obstacles and you can

be above the system. Now I know no one can really be above the system, but

lets be honest money is a lot of people’s weakness. If you have that on your side you can be unstoppable.

Just look at the rich people we know from Martha Stuart to Snoop Dogg, if

we commit the kind of crimes like they do or did, it would be some much more harsher on us but since they have the money, and from that money they have power, they get

a simple slap on the hand and their life goes back to normal. They can pay

for the best lawyers, and they get the best treatment where ever they

go. Realistically speaking, we are not in the same boat as them. The way we

think, act, and live is much different because we have money holding us

back. We can’t even speak our minds fully fearing that maybe we can possibly offend

some one and that can potentially escalates to getting sued or consequences like that. But

those people who are rich don’t care. They will just throw that money and be on top again. They really don’t have much to worry about.

I also think of money when it comes to happiness, you can

fulfill all your dreams. You can do what ever activities that you want, eat what you want, just basically do whatever you want even if it is illegal. They will just pay off the fine and go on with their lives. You can fulfill all your desires and say that after doing all that you are still not happy well then you can use that money to help out others and no matter what, you will feel happy because of that, and get a sense of satisfaction. So right there money can buy happiness.

You can also live freely with money because you never have to worry about

it. Look at us, we go to school for so long and put in so much work and effort,

try to get a masters degree or higher and then your earnings are like around 150 or

200 thousands max, and keep in mind it’s for a year. These people blow that

off in matter of minutes if they are buying a car or something. The most

we do is probably get like a 50 or 60 thousand car like a Benz or BMW, and

we worry about the payments and insurance and all that none sense. Also probably take a decent vacation here and there to Disney world and those people are globe hopping.

So basically I believe having money is an answer to at least my life’s

Problems, and I would be really happy with it. Before not more then 2 years ago, I wasn’t working and that was the worst time of my life. I had no money at all. I felt so ashamed and weak when I use to ask my parents, and they would give me a lecture and rub it my face. Since then I thought to my self I should always have some money so I never need to ask for it. Now my parents respect me for that, they know that I know the value of money. Plus I would feel ashamed in front of my friends, when they would go out to a movie and afterwards go out to eat. I already barrowed money from my parents to go the movies but wasn’t prepared for the meal afterwards, so I would make up excuses like I just ate or I am not hungry so they wouldn’t know I didn’t have the money. Some goes for dating, who would date a guy that cant even pay enough for dinner and a movie, she would get so turned off by that as well. That’s why I made a promise to myself to always have something in my wallet so I don’t look bad in front of people, and that I would have the freedom and not have money holding me back.