This I Believe

Ashlee - Chesapeake, Virginia
Entered on April 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Stop, and Take a Break

I believe our society spends too much time at work and not enough time enjoying their lives. People strive to reach the top of their careers and then don’t allow occasions to reward themselves with relaxing time. We live in a fast- paced world where there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day. Careers of today have challenged us to fight for prestigious standing. Our work hours no longer are 9 to 5 but last through late evening hours. Not only high end careers lead to inevitable lifestyles, but low income jobs require long tedious hours as well. Once work is over for the day, I believe people need to stop and relax.

In the last twenty years, many companies have improved employee benefits and salaries. To allow this, people are hired with enough duties for two people. Employees are then forced to work long hours and then present positive outcomes. Although without proper rest and relaxation, more mistakes are foreseeable. Workers have less enthusiasm, more pressure, and higher stress. Tensions between colleagues begin to stir and work results start to decline. Our sense of enjoyment and innovation quickly plummet.

Over the past few years I encountered this experience first hand. I loved my job as a riding instructor. Soon I became one of the best instructors around. I taught full time and my students were becoming exceptional riders. I also attended school full time. With both time consuming jobs, I barely allowed myself time to rest. My grades began to drop and my teaching habits were on a slow decline. Two years went by and I struggled to keep up with my daily routines. Soon I noticed I didn’t enjoy teaching anymore and this was shocking to everyone including myself. I knew at this point I had to think of my priorities and make some changes.

It has been a year and I work part time and attend school full time. I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I go home each night with time to study and some days I just lay and watch T.V. Money isn’t rolling out of my pocket, but each day is enjoyable to wake up to. I have a long career path ahead of myself and feel that enjoying each day is important.

I have made a pact with myself to take pleasure in each day. I believe everyone should enjoy their lives and not spend so much time at work. I understand that to make good money and reach the top of a position takes time through many hours of hard work. To reach top quality work, proper rest and enjoyment must factor into our lives. It doesn’t matter where you work or how many hours you work, making time for yourself is essential. Overall, my performance both academically and career minded have excelled now that I contribute time to myself.