This I Believe

Shane - USA
Entered on April 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in spending more money on my truck than I probably should. I have already put so much into it, so to stop now and get a new truck would be a waste in my opinion. For this reason I will keep fixing my truck’s problems until they are all gone or it completely dies.

Is it possible for a vehicle to have a conscience? I don’t know, but it seems as though my truck may. It seems that my knows when I am not expecting it to break or knows when my wallet is at its emptiest point. Once my truck sees that I am broke or looking the other way, it will throw another problem my way.

Just two weeks ago I was having a problem with my clutch, but the clutch slave cylinder, and master cylinder are all almost brand new. I searched everywhere for a cause. Finally with my girlfriend, Krystal, behind the wheel and me under the hood, I realized that my transmission bolts had come loose. If I had let it go for another week or two I may not have a truck anymore.

Not a week afterwards, I was becoming so annoyed due to my trucks horrible idle that I decided to look deep into the many vacuum hoses under the hood to fix it. Unable to find any causes I put it all back together so that I could just drive again. The next day I started hearing a loud hiss, and my brakes were not working properly. After looking very intensely, I finally found a dry rotted and leaking vacuum hose, which powers my brakes. I replaced this hose for a whopping nine dollars, and now my truck runs better than it has since I bought it three years ago.

Other problems pop up here and there, but I see this as a truck that I can make last forever. As long as I can understand the truck and find problems before they become serious, I know I can keep my truck going as long as possible.