This I Believe

Jaymee - Springfield, Ohio
Entered on April 9, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I Believe

I believe in the true will of inspiration. I believe a sort of energy exists ~charisma~ that lets us tune in to (an)other in order to exert the necessary specific pressure required for transformation — yours, mine, ours.

I believe that you possess this powerful charisma, as do I and the guy down at Speedway who smells like sandalwood and cigarettes and who always forgets to scan my rewards card but remembers my daughter’s name. Inspiring he must be — after all, he made it into my blog…

I believe I have forced others to erupt: into tears, onto scenes, with laughter and rage. I believe my brother has forgotten the time when he was six and I gave him a box of macaroni & cheese for dinner. Not cooked up Kraft mind you – just the box – with the hard little elbows and its seductive, shiny cheese packet.

I believe he ate the day-glo powder. I believe he saved the curved joints of semolina for a nameless art rendered with construction paper and designed to occupy refridgerator magnets with the effort of keeping them in place.

I believe in the charisma of those magnets; I believe in my own cruelty. I believe I am compassionate.

I believe I have finally forgotten what has been done to me.

I believe I will never forget what I have done to you, him, her, or me.

I believe the experience of language is a way into and out of (an)other’s thoughts. I believe it is healthy to be out of thoughts, or your mind, sometimes.

I believe we could read another’s mind, as a book, if only we knew the other’s personal complex of symbolic systems; I believe it is important for these systems to remain private, mostly.

I believe in interaction, possibilities, inferences and fun.

Please do this: find the book closest to you and pick it up. Turn to page 18 and go to line 4. Read it.

I believe you are surprised that I asked you to do this; I also believe you will do it.

What’s more, I believe that what you will read will be applicable and interesting, uncanny; I believe uncanny things are unsettling for a lot of people.

I believe in extraordinary human experience, discomforting though it may be.

I believe in providing comfort to those on the descent from the peaking of such experiences.

In turn, I believe in sparking the inspiration for cultivating these episodes of experience that carry us away with their ~charisma~ and synchronicity.

I believe you know why…