This I Believe

Willie - Dallas, Texas
Entered on April 8, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that fear is the root of all evil. As human animals fear is hard-wired into us, and can cause us to be greedy and cruel.

I believe there are enough resources to provide for the people on our planet, and greed prevents that from happening. As humans we can transcend our fears and learn to treat ourselves and each other with care and respect.

I believe that children are born unspoiled and full of possibilities.

I believe in the grace of the fade away jump shot and in the wonder of a cheetah running at full speed. I believe in the magic of good Cajun cooking. And I’m talking about the real stuff.

I believe that everyone has the need to express themselves, and we should encourage that expression with vigor. That the arts should be taken more seriously, especially in this country.

I believe in the mystery of beauty, love and attraction. May it never be solved.

I believe in the blues, chocolate pecan pie, sunrise in the Sawtooth Mountains, and the value of true friendship.

I believe we cannot know why we exist, if there is a God, or what happens to us after we die. Since I was raised as a Catholic, according to Mom, this belief means I am going to hell. I believe Mom was wrong (may she rest in peace).

I believe in love. And that the most profound way we can love one another is by accepting each other, no matter what we believe.