This I Believe

Graham - Pacific Palisades, California
Entered on April 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Illegal Immigration

It started as a social problem. It elevated into an economic problem. People were taking jobs, running guns, and smuggling drugs. Now, it has exploded into a national security crisis. Our unprotected borders let in millions of illegals per year. Why? Do they do jobs that no one else would do? NO! They do jobs that no one else would do at their slave labor prices, making it unnecessary for farmers to modernize their farms or hire Americans. If they did hire Americans, any raise in prices would be passed on to the consumer, but unemployment would go down, so more people could afford it. Do legal ethnic voters want to let in illegals? NO! Illegal migrants make the few legal ones left look bad; it diminishes the efforts the naturalized citizens make to come into this country legally. It is also committing a crime, which is hurtful to everyone.

Why do many people want a guest worker program? Why do people not wish that every American that wants a job will have a job? Economics. People simply do not want to pay an honest worker an honest wage for an honest day’s work. If we did have a guest worker program, do you think the migrants would go back once they were done working? Do you think they would have a child in a hospital, without being able to pay the hospital, of course, who would then go to a public school, which, since the parents are illegals, they would not pay for in taxes, who would later end up like them? Do you think the child would have 12 years of free (to his family) schooling? Do you think he would drop out of high school and join a gang? Would he kill Americans? Would he get stabbed or shot and demand free 1st rate medical care?

Would people other than those looking for jobs come in? Terrorists? Drug smugglers? Gun runners? CLOSE THE SOUTHERN BORDER!!!