This I Believe

Megan - Acworth, Georgia
Entered on April 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The Perfect Lie

* I believe…perfection doesn’t exist *

Every person strives to reach the stars, to reach perfection. Perfection is the ultimate, unobtainable goal. It can not be reached, and all those years of doing your best and aiming above and beyond to obtain it mean nothing. The human race, for years, has tried to reach this inaccessible aspiration; striving to be the best, to be “perfect”. All the people who want and try to reach for perfection are only reaching towards utter darkness, from which nobody knows where it began or will end. No one knows the origin of the fancy for perfection, where it began or why and when it will end.

“Practice makes perfect,” is a famous quote used by coaches, teachers, and guardians to encourage young children to do their best. It is true practice will make you better, but not perfect for it doesn’t exist. Someone, somewhere, might be better than you, but it doesn’t matter because all people are different. They use different methods and have different strengths and weaknesses than you; therefore, it is unfair to consider yourself perfect because of the way you became like that. Besides, to be perfect you must be good at all aspects and nobody can do that; it’s not human to push one’s self like that, using the energy and patients only found in fantasies.

The origin of the utterance perfect is unknown to this generation. I have my own opinion of the roots for perfect. Long ago, someone decided to go beyond all human greed and claim himself as the best, most fabulous, completely correct person that ever lived. But he needed a word to correctly identify him as the best, most marvelous, captivating creature to ever walk this earth; so he chose the word perfect. This person, was not perfect however, because he was wanted nothing but power to claim his own, and he was greedy; the exact opposite of perfection.

To be perfect, you must break the wall humans made over the years to mask their thoughts. This wall consists of greed, power, and hate. When our race was born they might have been considered perfect, but they soon became greedy and consumed their own love, life, and virtue. We must undo the wrong and pain we have caused, and dissolve hatred and greed. We must act as living angles or mortal Gods, to be even slightly considered ‘perfect’.