This I Believe

Donna - Mackay, Australia
Entered on April 6, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that my Asperger’s Syndrome has helped to shape and form me into the intelligent, honest, articulate and animal-loving person that I am.

All animals trust me, even wild animals. I have rescued, raised and released many baby animals and I have my own pet animals. Only I don’t think of them as pets, but as my family of choice. I love animals because I believe that they have developed the ability, to which humans can only stretch longing toward, to accept all things just as they are without the need to define, label or change them.

Animals do not place any expectation on others, except when we, the humans in charge, have conditioned them to expect food, reward, or cruel treatment at our hands.

I believe that my animals acceptance of me, has helped me to cope in the world where my ways are so unusual and where the ‘accepted norm’ is so foreign to me. I attribute my successful ventures into society, to what I have learned about unconditional love, tolerance and acceptance by the greatest teachers I ever knew-animals.