This I Believe

Brad - saco, Maine
Entered on April 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Robin’s pi

I have faith in a girl named Robin. At a younger age; probably a little under fourteen I went to a summer camp known as the Maine Conservation School, one I had previously attended. This summer camp experience was the only one that has remained in my memory, because it has altered my life in many ways. The opening day of camp we met the counselor we would be tenting with and we became acquainted with the kids we would soon befriend. The group of teens was large, and I was looking to make friends with each one of the other kids; however, I gave up any possible friendship with the others to learn more about one girl I found to be special.

The rest of the kids found Robin to be too weird, and decided not to talk to her, but I found it easy chatting with Robin and enjoyed it most of the time. It wasn’t long before I became aware though of the reasons the other teenagers weren’t keen of Robin. Robin talked about pi, and not like the kind you eat, but the mathematical phrase expressed as 3.14. She talked about not only the mathematical characteristic of pi; she was certain pi had taken over her mind and was compelling her to end her own life.

The day she told me about this is the only day of my life I regret. I should have gone to an adult and made them aware of Robin’s resolution to commit suicide. I knew she wasn’t joking about the fact that pi was taking over her thoughts, and I know she wasn’t solely in quest of attention. Robin had something unquestionably wrong with her, and it tore me apart to have my friend talking about ending her life. I am not aware of why I never told any adults about what Robin had confided in me, but I know it wasn’t because I just didn’t care.

Ever since the day I left that camp, I’ve been hoping, even praying, every night that Robin had found some guidance. During that week we became best friends, and I hope she still remembers me being there for her when noone else was. I only wish I was there for her even after we went our separate ways, but because I knew her I have been molded into a better person. I am more compassionate and more tolerant today because of Robin, and this is why I believe in Robin.