This I Believe

Jason - Morton Grove, Illinois
Entered on April 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Everyone, at some point in their lives, experiences pain. Pain is something that can make us stronger, but it can also make us weaker and even kill us. Depression is something that a lot of people have to go through. It is as if this emotion is a stage in a video game that you have to pass to get to the final boss in the game. But the final boss can represent something different for everyone. It may represent a loss of a love one, drug addiction, suicidal thoughts, death, divorce, etc.

Much like in a video game, these bosses are the obstacles we must overcome. For example, when a “gamer” is playing a designated video game, they are posed with various obstacles and puzzles to solve in order to attain a higher goal. As one proceeds from obstacle to obstacle, they ultimately come to a boss. Literally, in the game, this boss is normally something that exceeds the player’s expectations and quality to defeat. It is a strong character or force that is not easily overcome. In relation to reality, these bosses come to be represented in the obstacles we overcome in our day to day lives.

I remember a stage in my life where it was hard to get pass. It felt as if someone had turned the lights off in the room and I was left in the dark, alone. It was a couple years ago. I was stuck on a level and I wanted to get to the end and defeat the boss. But yet, something was already hurting inside. It was pain. The pain wouldn’t let go of me and I was stuck. The pain was from the loss of my grandfather. He was a hero to me.

My grandfather taught me a lot in life. He was always there for me and always had a lesson to teach about life. Anytime I needed help, he would be there for me. To me, it seemed like nothing in the world could harm him. He was my grandfather.

Pain can only destroy you if you let that happen. I never gave up on the level and I did get to the boss. I beat the obstacle and moved onto the next stage in my life. I will never forget my grandfather and always will cherish the memories that we had.

Now I have people in my life that will help me get through situations in life. One of those people is my best friend, which is also my girlfriend. I believe that when you know you are not alone in life, life doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Having that special person in your life can make you do things you never thought that you could do. That feeling can get you through so much and also make you stronger. To me, I wasn’t alone in the dark anymore. Now looking at my life, I am able to see that the light switch is on and the room is getting brighter.

This is what I believe and something I had to experience to being able to learn from. Just because you are stuck on a level, it doesn’t mean Game Over. Nothing is Game Over until you believe it is. It is just like what my grandfather always told me. “Never give up”. He would always remind me and now it is my turn to say it. “Never give up and always stay strong”. Always remember that. I know I will.