This I Believe

Zachary - Dayton, Maine
Entered on April 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: immigrant

12 Percent

I walk by one hundred people, twelve of whom don’t belong here. Those twelve aren’t paying taxes and those twelve are potential threats to our society. Those twelve are illegal immigrants. I believe that the risk of another terror attack is too high, and that the government should start taking steps to lower this threat.

It is estimated that twelve percent of America’s population is undocumented. In a country of roughly 300 million people, that makes about 36 million people in America illegal immigrants. Another severe terror attack would only require a hand full of extremists, and if 36 million people in America are undocumented already how easy would it be for a group of wealthy or terrorist funded extremists to enter this country undetected?

I came to this realization a few years after September 11. I also realize that all terrorists aren’t immigrants, but I believe that eliminating the illegal immigrants will indeed make this country even just a little bit safer.