This I Believe

Katie - Yankton, South Dakota
Entered on April 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I read a good book it is like watching a movie in my head. I can picture the words coming to life; I can see the outfits, put voices to the characters and know what they look like. I believe in reading to children, to babies, and to adults. I believe that reading stimulates the mind and increases our knowledge and our ability to imagine. I believe reading opens our hearts to a world otherwise not heard. Reading a book involves your whole body, for some it relaxes them, and for others, like me, it gives them energy to keep on reading. I believe that there are books out there to stimulate everyone’s mind. It does not matter if you like to read or not I bet that we could find a book about something that interests you and you would be able to read it. I believe that if yoiu everyone in the world could pick up a book and read it and enjoy it that the world would be a much calmer place. The best gift, I believe, that you could give a child is a book and the ability to read that book with an open mind and heart. Do not put down a child’s imagination because children are our future and those imaginations are going to produce new inventions to keep our lives going. I believe reading open minds, hearts and imaginations. This I believe is true; we need our imaginations to keep us healthy, to survive. Imaginations bring about new movies, new inventions, new ways of thinking, and new ideas for life. Imaginations are strengthened by reading books. Reading brings us so much, like connections between children and adults, between adults and elderly, between an unborn child and their parents. It also brings us news, ideas, laughter, joy, tears and just plain fun. Reading I believe is a fundamental tool in life. I believe that when we are teaching our children to read we should make it fun and not a chore. So we can let their imaginations soar.