This I Believe

Vincent - Lincoln, Rhode Island
Entered on April 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: good & evil

I believe in…

I believe that somewhere far, far out in space there is some other kind of life form. For all we know someone, something could be living on Uranus. I don’t think we have traveled far enough out in space or have the technology to find extra terrestrial life. Are we that arrogant to think that we are the center of the universe and not believe that there is not any kind of beings or that there is not a planet exactly like ours which can support life.

Theories of evolution that are widely accepted are that God made us or that we evolved from primates. If people believe that we have evolved from monkeys, and that god made us all what’s so unusual about thinking that aliens brought us down to earth, maybe to save their own species or something.

I’ve seen many fake things that people made up and tried to make look like UFO, but why? Maybe some people think that there must be other kinds of beings out in space besides us and trying to tell people this. Maybe aliens have never come to earth but there are many, many other galaxies out in space that have other kinds of planets that have the resources to support life.

I also do have beliefs about how we might have come to earth. I believe that aliens may have brought many different kinds of species from their planet to different places in space that was habitable for life and hope that we would survive. I think that as we adapted to the environment we slowly evolved into better living creatures. Also I think that the aliens brought down the other creatures to this planet such as cows, deer and other kinds of fish so that we could eat them to survive.

One of my last theories comes from the movie alien vs. predator. In the movie the aliens breed the predators on a planet and after a couple hundred years they would have their bravest strongest warrior go and kill them. This may sound a little weird but maybe one day in the future the same thing from the movie may happen to earth, it would almost be like a war of the worlds.

So as I said before if people have believed in God or the theory of evolution why not think that aliens brought us here.