This I Believe

Jazmine - Scottsdale, Arizona
Entered on April 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe we are all Guilty Sinners

I believe we are all guilty sinners

We all start life the same way: we begin our lives innocent without a single sin. Time quickly changes us, eventually our minds lose their purity. Gradually our innocence slips away as corruption takes impact upon us all. We all have our sins which we keep to ourselves and attempt to keep hidden: sins which aren’t apparent, sins which do not break any laws. Sometimes we are too blind to see these sins; sometimes these sins are unconscious acts. Little addictions, obsessions, pleasures. Sins come in many forms and affect up in many ways. Simple little sins which we never really notice, sometimes we are overwhelmed, stressed or exhausted and committing simple sins is inevitable.

Living in the future while dwelling on our past. Not learning from our mistakes and repeating our sinful ways. Wanting more than we truly necessitate. Missing the changing colors of the autumn leaves. Losing touch with those closes to us. Regretting the opportunities which you allowed to pass you by. Neglecting to ask “how was your day?” forgetting to say “I love you”, unmindful to give a needed hug. Allowing pride to get in our way of admitting our wrongs or giving apologies. Internalizing your emotions in order to prevent conflict. Little every day actions which occur without thought. We aren’t always aware of these sins because they seem so insignificant. We gradually build on or sins; sometimes we build so much they affect us more than we perceive, our self-serving bias interferes with seeing our own sins.

Think of the people you know, every day people who live in sin. The person who isolates them self from society. Denying them self’s social interactions and chance to grow, learn and live. Hesitating to allow any one to become intimate, fear full of what may result from internal honesty. Slowly there spirit vanishes, an act which was not done purposely. A behavior which was for protection ended in harm. The person who allows there brilliance to go to waste. Minds so beautiful filled with organic thoughts, beliefs and opinions. There genius never given a chance to help, improve society because, it never show it hides. Settling for a mediocre occupation while there potential goes unused. Endless are the possible reasons for the decision to settle, an unintentional sin. Many attempting to live by a cretin standard ideal which society has place upon us. Working to the point of exhaust in order to live in comfort, an unconscious act to portray satisfaction and successes. Never meeting internal needs for satisfaction because false association of happiness with material. Society’s favorite addiction we can’t seem to get enough, the more we have the more we want. It’s our drug of choice.

You could go through life living in denial of your sins. Refusing to learn, acknowledge and grow from sins. Continuing the cycle is a larger sin in it’s self. We are guilty sinners in the sense that we all have committed sins. Guilt does not have to come from our sins.