This I Believe

Stevie - fairhaven, Massachusetts
Entered on April 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

True Love Never Dies

Junior year I switched schools from voc-tech to Fairhaven high. About a month into when I started I made a few friends. One being Dan, he showed me around, we had all lunches together. We also had a class together. He introduced me to the breakfast table, which lead to me falling for “the boy”. The boy became my true love a week later. For six months I was in pure heaven, Christmas was so awesome and Valentines Day was the greatest. But not all love can last. We broke up before prom, so on and off for over a year we still love each other to this day. I know it is fate and we will be together, but until then our love will never die.

Being in love is hard and sucks most of the time but then it’s awesome, and you can’t stop. I believe even high school love can last if it’s meant to be. I also believe my high school love will last. I believe in faith and in gods will, love for who you want to love, not who’s socially acceptable. If true love was surrounding the laws of high school credibility to social status, then not one of us would be able to express our feelings. How many times in high school did u see two people and thought ‘oh they’re cute” or “why is he with her?” Even in the real world do people criticize others for their feelings.

I believe true love is obvious but may take a long time to realize. True love can wait. If you know you are madly in love with someone, and they love you, but don’t realize it yet, then wait. They will understand eventually. People these days marry the first person they think they love, but have never loved therefore don’t know. When you love someone you know. You can feel it in your body, in your heart and soul too.

Love in a way is like math. I believe love may have problems and be confusing to some, but there’s always a solution. I believe love comes with many emotions, crying, laughter, anger, and happiness. Honesty is true love while something’s are better not said. For the person you love, you know you will do everything in your power. I believe love has to be mutual even if it is not known out at the same time. I believe love is interracial, love is co-ed, love is the same gender, and love is any age. Not one person is too young to be in love nor too old.

Then we wonder why is love so overrated, why does everyone need to be loved? Because, we all need someone to care and see that we are ok. We all feel there is no one out there to make us feel like that special person. Until the day we meet that certain person, each and everyone of us will wonder what its like to be in love. I may feel like I am in love but yet who’s to say I know what being in love is? I believe only you can decide whether you are in love. Only you know if you want to be with one person, and though some people make mistakes on who they love, the always find that one true love.

I know a man, when he was 23, decided to marry the woman he thought he loved, and was having a child with. She was not who he thought she was, and things got worse until he left her. About a year later he thought he had fallen for another woman. He had 3 more children with this woman, and she was not yet “The One.” So thus two women down and one more to go. He finally found the right one for him. They’ve been together for almost two years now, and still are stringer then ever. They are getting married this summer in fact. So no matter how long it may take, no matter how many people, man or woman you love, you will always find the love of your life in the end.

True love has its downsides, when it is added together by the year the average married couple will fight for one week straight every year. Every teenage relationship has flaws, but only flaws that they are able to overcome. Though some maybe controlling or to shy, that special person will always be there. Some may say “Never change for someone, the should like you the way you are.” Well sometimes that isn’t right, sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to have someone completely love you. Also sometimes you have to just tell them how you feel, make them known to how much you are willing to change for them. Love is thinking about that person all the time. Crying about them on a friends shoulder while they are not being the nicest of people, but still being there later when they need you. Love is not hypocrisy, love is not mean, nor is it any sort of hatred. Love is sweet and blissful, love is understanding.

I believe love is caring for your one and only when they’re sick and making them feel better when they’re sad. Whether teddy bears, blankies, or tea to make their day a little bit brighter, true love is anything. Being happy and giggly, while crying on their shoulder about a recently ill family member, money problems or anything it is all the same thing, Love.

Love is anything you make it. No matter puppy love, high school love, or being an adult man and falling for a woman, love is love. Love is even the grumpiest old man, meeting the lady from the market and having cookies, or the smallest of children being helped from another on the swings at the school playground. I believe you are love, and I believe I am love. So that’s how I know True Love Never Dies.