This I Believe

Harini - Loveland, Ohio
Entered on April 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that cinnamon rolls have a positive effect on my grades. Let me explain. The cinnamon rolls at my school are magical. Every Friday morning at 7:00am, I wait in the school’s snack line to shell out a buck for these delectable nourishments. However, I don’t eat them just because of the melt in your mouth pastry and liquid sugar icing. No, there is something particularly exceptional about these bakery bonbons that I can’t resist: these treats help me ace my Chemistry quizzes.

You see, Fridays aren’t just designated as cinnamon roll day. Fridays are also (regrettably) memorable for the Chemistry reaction quizzes my teacher feels we need to take every week. These quizzes are intended to test our skill in forming chemical equations, but without my cinnamon roll, these quizzes are impossible.

Without my cinnamon roll, I freeze up when taking the quiz. I can’t remember which acids are weak or strong, and I can’t remember if copper is blue or green. I used to dread when I couldn’t solve these tiny problems written on quarter sheets of paper. However, now that I have my super cinnamon roll by my side things are different. It’s impossible to freeze up when you’re eating a pastry hot out of the oven. Also, as I’m eating, it’s easier to remember what I studied the night before, because when I was studying, I was salivating in anticipation of pastry. Call it memorization by vivid associations. Call me Pavlov’s dog! I don’t mind. I see the cinnamon roll, and I remember the equations. It’s as simple or as profound as that!

I see you pragmatists sneer and say that the anticipation of the roll is really what’s magical, but I believe the magic is real, and the magic is spreading. Every time I bring a warm, sugary roll to class, I bring another classmate into the cinnamon roll-buying cult. As the room begins to smell more of cinnamon, I look around and see more smiles when the quizzes are passed back. The good grades are “sweet.”

I believe that such experiences that appear mundane individually are indeed the basis for the rich tapestry of life when savored collectively. It just so happens that cinnamon rolls have sprinkled a few sugary crumbs on to a small part in my tapestry.