This I Believe

Myriah - Saco, Maine
Entered on April 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe: In the ability to believe

I believe not in the freedom of America, but the right that we have to be individual Americans. That there is joy in the fact that I can plain come out and say “I believe…” or “I don’t believe…”

I believe in strong friendships and beaded friendship bracelets to prove that. In spats that end with “I brought you an apple,” and a hug. I believe in ridiculous nick-names and the occasional manicure/pedicure combo to brighten even the worst of days. I believe in long phone calls just to say “hi,” and in late-night Starbucks runs. I believe in so many inside jokes, that no one understands your conversations, except for you. I believe in driving people around before your six months is up, just because they don’t want to go home.

I believe in crying on command, and heavy face make-up; pretending to be Puerto Rican. I believe in star-crossed lovers, and fatal endings. I believe in the curse of Macbeth. I believe in strong casts of people who would have never met, had it not been for the love of dramatization.

There are so many lies in this world that I find that it’s hard to know what you actually believe. I find it important to know that everyday you have a choice to do what you believe and another one to do what others think you should.

I believe that everyday is a new day, and every sunrise should be metaphorical. If ever you feel that there is nothing that can make you go on with your life, take time to think, and realize that there is someone for everyone, and that you are more than just a number.

I believe in hard math classes, and crabby French teachers. I believe that there is humor in everyone, and you just have to give them a chance to let it shine through. That sometimes, it’s okay to say ridiculous things and mean them.

I believe that while most are, some cheerleaders aren’t actually dumb. I believe that even if you pronounce words in a silly manor, you should never change, because that’s who you are. I believe in an honest image, and that everyone has a bit of hypocrisy in their blood.

I believe in spontaneity. Period. I believe that if your life is not lived to the fullest, that you might as well be a rock on the side of the highway entitled “Life.” However, I still believe that even rocks have feelings.

I guess the point that I’m reaching towards, however sporadic the manner, that everyone has to have beliefs, and I am lucky to have been able to express mine.