This I Believe

Elda - Miami, Florida
Entered on April 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

“Living in a hurry”

I was born in 1988. I may not have much experience in life, but the years I have lived are enough to belief that life should not be lived so fast. If I could make a wish today, I would go back in time when I was just learning to tie my shoes. To that epoch where everything seems to be, the same color: pink.

When I was around four years old, I remember wanting to do what older people did: cooking, wearing make up, washing the dishes and ironing. It might sound weird but when I was four years old, I ironed my brother’s clothes; thus, a cool way to play, a cool way to live my life at that moment but know that I think about that I realize that there is time to spare in this life to iron and not enough time to play.

Time was passing by. I was growing up, putting my toys aside, and looking for new ways to enjoy.

Five years later, I turned nine years old. I wanted to dress like an old woman, showing my belly and using heels. Yet my last years of childhood were approaching to its end and I was only thinking on growing faster.

Then I wanted to have a boyfriend, be in love to someone, and kissed by a boy. I was worried about things that today I recognize were not appropriate for a girl of my age; things that showed me later the different colors of life.

. When I became an adolescent, I was already living ahead of the people my age. I liked to work in my mom’s grocery store, partying, and of course, having alcoholic drinks. When I became fourteen years old, the curiosity of having sex invaded me and at that age, I had the first chance to experience it I and I did it.

Today, I confess that I feel disappointment with myself because I realize that because of that curiosity and the desires of growing up faster my life changed forever. I spent a year depressed because the boy that took me to his bed never talked to me after the day we were together.

My life turned to be 180 degree different. Innocence, sweetness, and happiness were terms that I have left behind. It was at that moment when I started to find coherence to the wise words that my dad pronounced each time he felt that I was not acting right: “In life the shortest period is childhood, so enjoy it as much as you can since when you get older, you will have a lot of important things to worry about.”

Although my childhood has passed already, I think that I still have time to keep enjoying life before important responsibilities appear.

The mistakes stay in the past and now I have learned the lesson that makes me give the appropriate time to each event, therefore my life goes at the right pace.