This I Believe

Sara - fairhaven, Massachusetts
Entered on April 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This i believe: that education is the most important thing no matter what. Some kids don’t think so, so they skip school or they just don’t bother going. Not going to school effects not only your attendence but your grades. This can cause you not to graduate. I would know because I have used up all my absences and no longer can be absent because if I am I can lose all my credits which stops me from graduating.

I want to graduate and this I believe is going to happen. I haven’t been absent and I do all of my work in class. For me to graduate would mean so much to me. I’ll get to walk down the aisle with my gap and gown with my parents in the stands watching me with smiles on their faces, which means I’ve passed the test of not making them disappointed. But this doesn’t always go with other kids.

They could care less about graduating and they could care less about attending school. The kids that are absent so much have to make up work when they get back in school and if they don’t it brings up the more possibility of failing which leads them to dropping out. Not doing the work you owe from being absent is a big deal. I have a friend who wants to graduate but because she is absent so much she might not walk down the aisle with me which stinks because she is my best friend and i want her to graduate. She is upset because she might not graduate but she put herself in that predicament.

Now she says might just drop out of high school and get her GED which is good, but I believe a diploma would be much better than a GED personally. A diploma will get her the job she wnats more than a GED would. Education is the thing in life that everyone needs. There is not one day where someone doesn’t learn something new. Education can get you far in life whether or not you want to believe that or not.

This is why I believe that education is important. It helps you out in your life by getting a job. Just going to school everyday and doing all your work in all your classes will lead you to walking down the aisle with your cap and gown on at graduation with all your friends and classmates. It also makes your parents happy to be able to see their child walk down the aisle, shake the principles hand, and grab their diploma.

Education is the one thing in life that you can never out run. Everywhere you go and things you watch on television all educate you in different ways. You may not think so but in reality you never stop learning. This is why I believe education is important to everyone no matter what they think.