This I Believe

Kelsi - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on April 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Who am I? When trying to answer this question, I often come up with a response that is in terms of other people. I realize that I am my own person with my own personality, but it is my belief that my interactions and relationships with others are what form my personality, define me. Through knowing others, I learn about myself.

Who am I? I am a sister, a friend, a daughter. I am my own person with my own personality, my own make-up of these various aspects of myself, but those many aspects all have to do with someone else. In one way or another, I am always part of a group. Getting to know that group means getting to know myself, for in some way, whether it be gender or hobby, a part of my self is shared with that group.

DNA, the very core of our being, is a great example of how much we as humans share with each other. 99.9%. I have about that much in common with the person sitting next to me if I can strip away all of the prejudices and biases and standards that I have for that person. Even when I add on all of the standards and biases, I have to realize that those biases came about because of the interactions that people have had with each other over the course of thousands, maybe millions of years.

As a freshman in high school, I had a boyfriend, Mr. Clingy. My best friend also had a boyfriend, Mr. Needy. However, the relationship between my friend and Mr. Needy really bothered me, for the actions that he took in the relationship were not beneficial to my friend, and the way that she responded showed that she was not really happy. After a while of spending time with my friend and Mr. Needy, I realized that whenever she would tell me problems that she was having in her relationship, I would always be able to respond with “I know what you mean,” because I did. I began to realize that the reason I was so unhappy with my relationship was the same reason that my friend was, but only realized it by realizing her problems with her relationship.

To know myself, which I believe is one of the most important goals in my life, I must know others. In order to accept myself, I must in turn accept others, because those others are me, in some way, in many ways, in more ways than I can even imagine. I believe that humans have much more in common than their DNA, which is so close to 100% already, meaning that if humans could only learn to accept and become the one whole that they truly already are, maybe their small differences wouldn’t mean so much.

Who am I? I am everyone.