This I Believe

Mary - Shorewood, Illinois
Entered on April 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

February 15, 2007

A Different Hero

Many people would respond to “Who is your hero?” by saying “My mom,” or “My Dad,” or even God “for sacrificing his only son.” Since I have been let down by all but the latter, I have chosen a hero of epic proportions.

My hero is a human being just as all of us are, yet unlike any other who has ever existed in reality or fantasy. My hero is able to join and fight amongst those who possess unworldly abilities. Perhaps his wealthiness is a contributor to his capabilities, but I believe him to be a hero because he fights crime justifiably, predicated by the murder of his parents and protecting all those who seek help. He is even willing to risk his life for his cause. I have not had a specific situation that demanded I risk my life, but to be able to dedicate my life to saving others is my dream. Nursing is not just my major in college, it is my life. All I want is to be able to give back to the world, to save lives.

My hero is not from Krypton, or a mutant. He is able to love and be hurt. He has a gentle heart that allows him to care for those who do not have anyone else to turn to. He possesses powers, yes, but none that he has not trained for. He is my hero because he proves to me that I am capable of achieving my dreams despite all obstacles that may stand in my way. My hero faces new nightmares each night he ventures out into the city that he loves and protects, and he is always able to defeat even the most frightening enemies. Although I have nightmares and fears, when I would watch my hero and see how he was able to overcome his obstacles, I realized that I can do anything, just like my hero. When fighting crime, he uses weapons and tools that were developed by ordinary people from all reaches of the world; people like you and me. Weapons are more than tools made from metal; they take on a whole new meaning when they are adapted to personal needs. My hero uses weapons that help him capture evil-doer; whereas I use weapons of technology to advance my knowledge and become a contributor to society as a devoted nurse anesthetist.

With each day I am faced with new challenges at every turn in my life. My hero taught me in my childhood that I should face my enemies without fear, for without fear I am unstoppable. My hero has proven to me that the impossible is possible; I only need to reach as far as I can and victory will be within my grasp. This I believe: I have a hero and he is Batman.