This I Believe

Anne - Bethel, Ohio
Entered on April 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in sisterhood, one that goes beyond a family bloodline. I have many sisters, although in reality I have none. My sisters are my friends. They are the women and girls who are close to me. Throughout my life I have always wanted a sister. Since my parents only had two more children, who are boys, after me I never got my baby sister. Instead, God blessed me with all the women in my life. I have two older sisters who are or were my neighbors, one who is actually my aunt, I have an older sister who is my best friend, I have younger sisters that I have went to church with their whole lives or twins that are the daughters of a family friend. I have sisters who have grown up on me so fast that I’m speechless. I have sisters who have gone through most of school with me starting at Girl Scouts all the way to graduation. I also have sisters who have been through much pain and struggle in their lives. I have sisters, who I just met in the last year when I started college; who knew that I’d been living next door to two sisters and rooming with another next year.

As with most families my sisters and I fight. We argue over petty things, but, and this is the most important, I bond with my sisters. I can be doing my homework in the student lounge, conducting an experiment in the student center, watching movies at my house or in my room, babysitting and playing with them, I can bond with my sisters over lunch or dinner, I can bond with them while shopping. Bonding with my sisters is what gets me through the day sometimes. It’s the promise for a few short hours of utter happiness that negative thoughts and feelings can’t get through.

I believe that I’d be lost without my sisters. They make me whole. My sisters offer an oasis of calm; when I’m around them the world slips away, allowing me to unwind and relax. What amazes me is that this slipping away can happen over the phone or even while instant messaging. My troubles just slip away. They will allow me to vent my anger, sometimes to save another sister from being hurt by my words.

I believe my sisters are amazing, wonderful, full of life and potential. I believe that each one has a plan for their life and that they will achieve great things. They will go off and leave me at some point, hopefully staying in touch throughout the years. They will make wonderful wives, some will have beautiful children, and still others will give back to mankind.

I believe that all women in the world are connected through a sisterly bond. Some chose to ignore it, others embrace it. Unknowingly my sisters have become the sisters of others. They are going into the world spreading their sisterhood, encompassing the earth despite differences in age, social status, education, income, and location. I believe that every person has a sister somewhere that prays for them, to help them make it through a hard time in their life. They may not know it, but that someone is there. I believe that you are my sister, and I hope that you pass this on to you sisters too.