This I Believe

James - San Diego, California
Entered on April 2, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65


I believe I’ll take a walk in the rain

splash through the fountain.

I believe I’ll speak truth to power

take a sailboat along the Turkish Coast

I believe I’ll sit in St Marks Square

meditate across time,

the liquid Adriatic Sea under my feet

as I walk on water.

I believe in economic justice;

flying for a day or so to

dance in the Rio Carnaval.

I believe in Pinot Grigio, 1987, Napa Valley,

next to baked Salmon in lemon/garlic sauce.

I believe in sharing;

the warmth of the sun on a Cuban beach.

I believe in the roundness of the circle,

the obliqueness of squares, rectangles and triangles;

their capacity to define space.

I believe in the hope

of the metaphysical life force

that surrounds infinity and makes time absolute.

I believe I must create;

look closely at the world of perpetual emotions

their disarray in real life;

redefine them in my accordance.

I believe in the fundamental goodness of humanity;

their immutable potential to ignore it.

I believe in the vagaries of love;

a walk in the bamboo forest,

deep in the Asian jungle.

I believe in beauty;

as a legitimate measure of substance.