This I Believe

Adria - Wichita Falls, Texas
Entered on April 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Your Heart Can’t Choose

I grew up in a small school, in a small town. I knew everyone, everyone knew me. I was so talented. Star of the softball team, voted wittiest, honored and loved. Everything was great. Little did I know in about three years my eyes would be opened to a whole new world.

I met him when I was 18 years old. He wanted to date me but I was scared. What would everyone in my “perfect small town” think? I left and went to college in San Antonio Texas. I met some strange friends…not like me. They were Mexicans. All I knew were the white people that I grew up with. Those two ladies became the best friends I could have asked for. They were so genuine, and didn’t judge people by what they were like on the outside. When I returned home from college every other weekend, he was there wanting me to go out with him. I broke his heart, because I did not want them to break mine.

Two stubborn years later, you guessed it, I gave him a shot. We went on a date. I fell in love with his warm smile, his gorgeous face, and his awesome personality. My world and heart were opened up for ever to the world of color.

I noticed everyone looking at me differently; people followed us in stores where I had never had a problem before. Some, especially older people glared at us. Why was it so different? I guess my heart made a decision that the stares were not going to keep us apart. After four years of dating, we were married. My name changed from a German name to Perez. I could not tell my heart who to fall in love with, and I am glad my head did not stand in the way this time.

I believe in interracial dating and marriages. God made every man equal. There may be some culture issues, but those you can deal with. My husband loves me just as much, or better than any white man could. He honors and respects me like a human being.

I would not go back and do anything over again, it has been an experience that will last the rest of my life, and through my kids, many generations to come. I know that my kids will never be like I was and judge someone before they know them. God had a plan for me, and I know that he was in my heart that day when we went on our first date.