This I Believe

Barbara - Minot, North Dakota
Entered on April 1, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I Used To Think and Now This I Believe

I used to think

That miracles were historical records of experiences for Biblical folk

That few miracles existed today

And were given to no one who lived in my world.

I used to think

That faith was something good to have.


Probably that day in the distant future when I would die,

I would be assured of a different life

A world where man doesn’t experience

“man’s inhumanity to man”

A world where we all live as brothers and sisters

Sharing a camaraderie of depth and understanding

With each other and of each other.

I used to think

That I would develop a great faith when I neared death.

That’s when

I thought,

All people grew in faith.

That’s when

I thought,

Man needs to confess his sins

Confess a faith in a power greater than himself

And let the power greater than himself decide.

I used to think

That the power in mankind was


Man directed.

I could handle myself.

I could direct myself.

I could be responsible for myself.

I used to think that.

And then our first child was born.

God had wrapped his beautiful little body in skin,

Unseamed skin, an

I was put in touch with God.

I viewed

I touched

I smelled his skin.

Godly perfection – our son – life drawn from my life.

Still close, yet now living apart.

Now I know and believe

That the world is a gift from God.

I know and believe

That we ourselves are miracles.

Now I know and believe

That we all are a part of a system much greater

And more intricately designed

Than man could ever dream of.

I know that

The sunrise and the sunset are part of greater plan,

The fish of the sea,

The fowl of the air,

The flowers and trees,

And our children

Are a gift from God to beautify and give meaning and

Depth to my life and my world.

Now I know and this I believe

That God has a divine plan for me.

I know and I believe

That my talents have been given to me by God

That He directs and guides my life.

Now I know and this I believe

That no matter what I do

I am a lowly sinner

That God chose me to be one of His children

That His blood was shed to give me a promise

And a hope for tomorrow.

Now I know and this I believe.