This I Believe

Andres - Miami, Florida
Entered on March 31, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Life is precious

Any action that endangers or terminates the life of a person should be forbidden. The right to life should not be restrained to anyone. Today, society has forgotten that death row inmates and unborn beings are humans. I believe that all life is precious and that any kind of action that finishes the life of a person should be stopped. For instance, the death penalty, also known as capital punishment consists in executing a criminal for atrocious crimes that he or she has committed. Abortion ends the life of an unborn human being. In abortion, the human being was not given the chance to grow and develop in this world. The right to life should not be taken for granted because those who are being killed are part of society. Therefore, ideas and thoughts from many human beings are being discarded because they were not given the opportunity to live. A further examination of this topic is necessary in order to understand its complexities.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (N.A.M.I) mental

illness is an abnormal condition in which a person’s reasoning and acting has been disrupted. The inmates on death row do not act according to human nature and perform

horrid crimes. Therefore, death row inmates should be considered mental illness patients. These individuals should be treated in a daily base in order to improve their psychological condition. Eliminating convicts in order to stabilize society will not aid people who need mental help. Ending the life of a mentally ill individual is inhumane, but the cruelest way of terminating life is abortion. In this method, the body of an unborn baby is destroyed and discarded as if it were garbage. Many unborn beings have been deprived from the right to life for many years and it has affected millions of families.

Ordering and carrying on an execution should be considered a crime. However, the president in charge of the most powerful country in the world does not think it is. George W. Bush, current president of the United States of America, has signed off 131 executions. The methods by which these executions are performed are cold and degrading. Whatever causes these individuals to senselessly act should be studied and dealt with so that we can prevent future tragedies. Studies have shown that persons who become criminals have been subject to many types of abuses, most of them during their childhood and early teenage years. Humiliation and physical abuse are the main factors that affect these victims. However, this is not the only type of injustice that is committed on a daily bases. According to Blount County Right to Life (BCRL), a chapter of Tennessee Right to Life, Inc, abortion has annihilated more than 44.7-million unborn beings in the U.S. since its legalization in January 1973. In conclusion, in order to improve our society, we should stop eliminating human beings and look for new solutions to enhance living quality.