This I Believe

Varghese - Bellerose, New York
Entered on March 31, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: hope

Have you ever been in a situation where you think life can’t get any worse? I often find myself in these situations and always feel that everything from then on in life is going downhill. However, I have learned that life goes on and certainly gets better.

A few years ago, my brother got a new desk and a lamp. I really liked the desk, but I liked the lamp twice as much. I sat in front of this lamp and turn it on and off. It was very amusing at first, but a minute later it wasn’t so amusing. I went an entire minute persistently turning the lamp on and off that I eventually pulled the chain switch too hard that the entire lamp fell over. I shattered the glass cover to the lamp, but I also broke the light bulb into a million pieces. I thought my parents would kill me so I thought to just pack my bags and leave. Instead, I went and locked myself in the bedroom. Soon enough I heard my mom’s shocking reaction to the scene. She banged at the door, demanding I come out, but I refused. I stayed in that room and walked back and forth in fear for an hour. I eventually came out and when I did, I got “everything” I deserved and I leave it at that. I thought my parents hated me but the next day they acted as if nothing ever happened.

I usually do very well in biology. We have quizzes once every few weeks. One day we had this quiz that I was planning to study for, for over a week. I had so much homework that week that I was unable to study. When I took the quiz, I had no clue what to do so I guessed every answer. With little hope of a praiseworthy grade I reluctantly handed in my quiz. For the next two days, I was very scared to get back the quiz that I certainly I didn’t want. I received my quiz with a grade that wasn’t too high. I was shivering because at the top of my quiz I saw the words “please get signed.” We usually aren’t required to sign our quizzes but I was told to do so. For the rest of that day, I was wondering how I’d explain such a grade to my parents. I waited till 10 o’clock that night to get that quiz signed. However, when I showed them the quiz they looked shocked and stood still for a good minute staring at it. My parents eventually signed it, but they also went and talked to my teacher and told me that I have to study harder. I overestimated their reaction.

Remember that even though everything seems to be going downhill, there will always be hope tomorrow and this I certainly believe.