This I Believe

Elizabeth - St. Simons Island, Georgia
Entered on March 31, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Don’t Take It For Granted

When asked to write an essay about what I believe in, thousands of ideas flew through my head. One of my strongest beliefs is not to take life for granted. We tend to not realize how much we love something until it is gone. I think we just get caught up in our daily lives and do not appreciation all of the people, things, and pure beauty that lies around us.

Once as I sat on a bus on the way to a soccer game in Macon, I began to look around and just observe. These girls, my fellow teammates, truly mean the world to me. The trust I confide in them and the feeling of comfort I share with them is indescribable. As I am at dinner with my best friends, I realize that these are the girls that will be in my wedding and that I will call up after five years, only to pick up right where we left off. I believe we cannot take our friendships lightly, but constantly appreciate what great friends we have.

Family is priceless. Throughout life we are frequently given gifts; sadly, we are to the point where gifts are only expected. Our parents have to actually work to buy these yearly presents for us. Do we ever consider that? Our families are the people when silence is never awkward. I do not think we know how much we depend on the constant encouragement and discipline that our parents show us. My siblings are always going to annoy me, but at the end of the day our senseless fights mean absolutely nothing and are quickly forgotten. Family is where the foundation of everyone lies. I believe we need to take a moment to spend quality time with our family and be aware of the unique relationships in which a family possesses.

We do not take time to notice the most obviously thing in life: our world. During the 21st century, computers, iPods, and satellite television are constantly capturing our attentions. Do we ever just take the second to admire the stars or smell the ocean breeze without being disrupted by a cell phone vibration? One time in Greenville, North Carolina I remember pulling off the road to look at the view. As I looked off the mountain and saw rolling hills and one hundred year oak trees, I realized the beauty of our earth. We get so caught up in our busy lives, and sometimes we just need to stop and look around.

We cannot live without appreciating things. We must take the time to truly remember and cherish things in life. Sure we may remember the major events throughout our lives, but we tend to ignore the precious details. Whether it calls for quality time with a friend or just a long walk outside, we should constantly be thankful for everything. Some people have so much less than us; we have to realize just how lucky we are. I believe we must appreciate even the smallest things in life.