This I Believe

Angelica - Denton, Texas
Entered on March 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I believe in love at first sight.

While on his death bed, my father told the story of an undying love. One that started when he first laid eyes on the woman he knew he would spend the rest of his life with.

My parents met right out of high school. My mom had moved away from her home town in search of better job opportunities in her field of study. The day of her arrival, she stumbled upon a construction company that seemed almost too perfect for her. She opened the doors and was immediately greeted by a young gentleman ready to assist her. When she told him that she was in search of work, he immediately directed her to another gentleman by the name of Aaron, head of the department that she was trying to work in. When he came out, a blushing expression swept across his face as he greeted her, gave her an application and waited on her to fill it out. I remember he said, “I ran that application up to my bosses faster than I had ever run on my high school track team!” He insisted that the bosses hire her on the spot; his reasoning was that she was to be his wife.

To my mother’s surprise, she was to start the next day.

This began their relationship that would result in 25 years of ever-lasting love. They were married in ’82 just as my father had predicted. It would not have seemed as significant however, had he not come down with a terrible illness, one that put their undying love to the test. In 2004 his body was stricken with cancer in the midst of their separation that lasted all of 6 years. At this point I was beginning to give up on love, well, the possibility of a long-lasting one. Sitting down trying to remember my childhood, I realized that in all the years I was born their second, I had never seen them share a kiss but once, on an anniversary, which now seemed more out of obligation. It was when the doctor’s gave his life a time limit that I think my mother’s love, that had been stagnant for so many years, began to flow through her veins again. It was my last visit with him that the hope of love was given back to me. Saying goodbye to him before returning back to school, each of us giving our hugs and kisses, I noticed my mother lean in for her hug and then it happened. They kissed! Those 2 months that followed before his passing, my mother had regained her wifely duties, making weekly trips to lay by his side, making sure the people taking care of him in her absence were doing just that; not by obligation but because of love. January 15th, they lay in the bed, his head resting on her shoulder where he died, in the arms of his love; at first sight.