This I Believe

paul - Wadsworth, Ohio
Entered on March 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Cleveland Public Libraries

In Cleveland public libraries

On systems running legacies

I found a door, which they ignore

And told them of their fallacies

I asked some friends to take a look

To find their pin and any book

I found it out, through myaccount

Thank God that I am not a crook

And so I told they blew me off

They laughed at me with a mean scoff

They’re too busy, for a tizzy

As if it were a minor cough

But I can get their addresses

Just by simply taking guesses

A number here, a number there

With two easy fast successes

I told my story to the news

And now I feel a bit confused

The President, had stopped consent

Of doing this exact same ruse

So I guess no one is bothered

Since their systems are grandfathered

These things obscure, are not secure

And I write their systems slaughtered