This I Believe

anthony - Raleigh, North Carolina
Entered on March 30, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in Isolationism. This country would be better off today if we would have headed our 1st president George Washington’s words in his farewell address on September 26 1796. He told our great country that we would have to do a lot of things to protect our Union, and one of the biggest things he said was to stay away from foreign alliances no matter how strict and to try our hardest to try and keep our affairs on this continent.

I cannot hope to imagine what this country would look like today if we would have listen to him and stayed out of WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea, and Iraq. You look at these 5 wars we didn’t need to go into any of them. We weren’t attacked directly in any war but WWII which we brought that on ourselves by sending war materials to Great Britain and the Soviet Union. People say that Hitler would have taking Europe if we didn’t step in and stop him, ok good for him I would’ve loved him to try and invade the U.S.A which is something that has only been done technically once by a band of Mexican rebels during the Spanish American war. Looking at these wars we were never invaded or directly in danger and we march of to Europe and Asia and lose hundred of thousands of lives and Trillions of dollars, for what? Our great nation is over 8 trillion dollars in debt; our countries trade deficit is 764 billion dollars. Look at what saving the world twice and trying to help stop the spread of communism got this country.

There are people that say that if our nation were to isolate it from the rest of the world, how are we going to get our natural resources? Well if we would have been working on this problem since the1800’s we wouldn’t have it anymore, and we would have an alternate energy source other then oil, and we wouldn’t really have to worry about it.

I know that it is a little late for us to do this at this point and time, with us being in Iraq and us owing a lot of money to other countries and all. But I don’t think it is to late to do something like this. Personally I wouldn’t mind our government to shut down our boarders pulling out our troops of every country, and telling the world to just leave us alone! I believe in Isolationism.