This I Believe

Maya - San Pedro, California
Entered on March 30, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

My name is Maya Stringer, I have Asperger’s syndrome. This is some of my writing about my opinion on autism.

I believe people like me are the same as everyone else. I go to special school, for children with autism. One would think that being surround by those like you would mean they accept you. However, if this were true, normal children in normal schools, would not be teased either. Keeping that in mind, we are just as the other children, except we are on a “lower” field. We are teased, we tease. we are equals. Yet those “above” us treat us as scum. Consider, if you were one of us. Your brian, would be enhanced in one place, and decreased almost everywhere else. Social skills are the first to go. Poof! No more, teachers must start from scratch. Spelling, rules like silent E, become impossible. You must learn we are all the same. If any one is to be teased it is you, for not being autistic! For you see many, many, many famous people have disabilities. Even Albert Einstein, is suspected to have the same type of autism I have. Walt Disney, even had a disability. So, don’t feel sorry for me, feel sorry for yourself, for what you have done. You have made us in to a thing of shame. Yes, we are autistic, but we also are smart enough to have a conversation. We at times can be smarter then you! This is my belief, that people with autism are equal to everyone else.