This I Believe

Casey - Calgary, Canada
Entered on March 30, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: prejudice

I believe that we allow ourselves to act innocent, while our thoughts are full of judgment and hate. It is behind this wall that programs can operate, by having the face of purity and caring, while some individuals deep down are disgusted with their actions and do it to make themselves appear noble. I believe that in any society, whether in a war torn nation, or in a developed country such as Canada, that the children should be able to form their own opinions instead of following in the footsteps of hate that their parents were led through. It is also by belief that prejudice is most commonly practiced among the young adults in our society. Based on they way a person looks, dresses, smells, or what car they choose to drive, they are judged by every person they pass walking/ driving down the road. For these reasons I believe that it is impossible for anyone to be free of prejudice.

I believe that it is impossible for an individual to be completely prejudice free, this is so because until society is in balance there will always be envy and jealousy, backstabbers and the elite. As society is unequal, there will be those higher up on the wealth spectrum that will look down to everyone “below” them. There are those who are nameless and we deem them alcoholics, drug addicts, and helpless. These nameless individuals are viewed as a burden upon society, a child that tax payers have to take care of, provide shelter, food, and a chance for them to excel. Because we label them drug addicts and alcoholics we have doubts that they will succeed in getting their lives back, but because of these prejudice labels we pass these people in need under the radar, and believe that they cannot change, or choose not to.

As equality only exists on paper, society will always be identified as an unfair system, that the poor are used to make the rich look better and stronger then they are. It is the categorization of people that make others think worse of them. There are very few in our society today that will grant someone a second chance. In a short few days I have realized that mocking another’s beliefs, culture, and the color of their skin, is unacceptable, and unbelievably rude to the extent of cruelty and bullying. It is these types of discrimination that cause the violence in communities all around the world. It is for these reasons that I believe that people shouldn’t be judged on the color of their skin or the God to which they worship, but by the content and concentration of genuine purity that gathers at the heart of their soul.