This I Believe

Grant - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on March 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe, man is constantly feeling small and insignificant, so to counteract this he has invented ways to make him feel more secure to the fact that he is completely out of control of his and his kind’s destiny. The most effective way of doing this that has been utilized around the world is religion. With man convincing himself that there is one or more gods who are above him in some way to make sure things don’t get to bad, he is able to stop worrying about the bigger questions and focus on the smaller and less significant living we call life. Though it’s not a bad thing, I mean religion also provides for a relative set of rules to live your life by which encourages people to not commit immoral behavior. I believe this is why you see so many religions around the world, people are trying to change the believe structure but not change the comfort they get from religion. For example the Christians have a belief that really shows what I am trying to show- the phrase “God has a plan.” It is essentially a confession that life and everything is out of their hands but the higher power in which they believe has a purpose for them to follow so they can feel safe with their lives out of their hands. But mankind does not like to feel this small and insignificant feeling so instead we believe whatever nonsense shoved down our throats by our parents because their parents shoved it down their throats and their parents before that shoved it down their throats. Thus the beliefs have lived on to help mankind deal with their insignificance have continued on, and with each new generation they start over again. Each parent making sure that their child never feels small alone or insignificant because they always have a higher power on there side. Preventing the fear of the fact that chance and randomness rule our lives and we are powerless against them.