This I Believe

Hunter - St. Simons Island, Georgia
Entered on March 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in movies. Movies can take you to places that nothing else in the world can. When I was seven years old, I watched my first James Bond movie, GoldenEye. I was immediately drawn into a new world of espionage and gadgets. I had never in my life seen a movie like this before. The first scene in which James Bond jumps off an enormous dam stunned me. It was exhilarating to see so many well choreographed stunts and action sequences in one film. This genre of movies opened new doors to me that took me to places I would never have been able to see in the real world. Without these movies, I would never be exposed to such scenarios.

I believe that movies can contain a certain historical quality as well. One such movie is Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. The moment I hit the “play” button on my remote, I was immediately transported back over 1000 years into a fictional setting of adventurous pirates and their booty. It is one of those timeless classics that never fails to impress. Even though it is well over 50 years old, it hasn’t lost its unique charm. When I was younger I used to dream of being a pirate, or at least living like one. To hunt for treasure and finally find it would be extremely satisfying to me.

I believe that while movies do transport you into historical situations, they also have another side, a more calming and serene one. Finding Neverland, for example, took me to a fantasy world of fairies and fairy tales. The scene in which the kids fly to Neverland inspired me. It was a place for me to get away from the ordinary world and into a fictional one. No matter how frantic life may be, when you watch this film you are instantly calmed.

I believe that without movies life wouldn’t be anything compared to what it is today. One could only imagine what living in another world would be like. For instance, only a small fraction of the human race get to experience the feeling of living in space, but thanks to George Lucas’ Star Wars, everyone is able to. Movies such as Star Wars encourage me to live on the edge and live every moment of life to its fullest.

I believe that any day with a decent movie is a great one. Whenever I feel disappointed or frustrated I watch movies to make me feel better. They are the equivalent of comfort foods to me. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have popcorn or drinks, what matters is that you are having a good time. I believe that movies are the key to getting a better understanding of what life is all about. There is only one thing I don’t believe, I can never watch too many movies.