This I Believe

Brittany - Sterling Hgts, Michigan
Entered on March 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in being you. The question is, how do you know if you’re actually being you? People around the world spend their days trying to figure out who they really are; others don’t notice that they could possibly have a completely different side to them that is real. Day by day our personality gets stronger and in some ways changes.

People and different experiences can influence you to do something or cause some sort of a change. These changes can range from the way that you act to the way you approach things. In some cases these influences could be helping you to figure out who you are. At my age, 18, and younger we tend to in a way copy our peers. We are around them so much that in some way, we act similar. We spend every day in the same school, in the same clubs, with the same group of friends and there is no way of escaping the person your not.

I think that if you were taken away from the everyday environment your use to, you could possibly start to act the way the real you is supposed to. I say this because of a personal experience. I act like the real me when I am away from everyone and everything that I am use to. I went to a leadership camp with two girls from my high schools student council during the summer of 2006. I ended up sharing a room with one of the girls from my school but still didn’t see her that much. When we arrived at the camp we were separated into three different “councils” where I met the people that impacted my life in a way that I was changed for ever.

My council was a group of 16; we spent our days team building and formed a family in a matter of two days. Leaving the people I met was heart breaking, not only for me and them, but for the other two girls from my school. By sharing this experience with the two girls from my school we now know how we really act when we aren’t with our friends from school. Coming home was not easy. I say this because everyone expected me to come back as the same person that I was when I left.

I believe that’s the reason why people act the way they do. Their peers have this high expectation for them to be someone they’re not. You can say that you’re going to change but like I said when you’re expected to act a certain way changing becomes very difficult.