This I Believe

Chrissy - Acworth, Georgia
Entered on March 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that racism isn’t, or ever will be, just part of the past unless we start to make a change. Racism is still seen in schools, stores and even our homes. Racist words and jokes about Blacks, Whites, Chinese, Japanese and Mexicans are common in the schools and the media. Courageous leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy all fought to end racism, but were deceased before they got the chance to completely end it. I think the only way that we could lay racism to rest, is if everyone was to consider how much racism effects people.

Martin Luther King Jr., caring and courageous, was a peaceful fighter in the war against racism. He led the March on Washington and gave the “I Have a Dream Speech”. He was brave enough to stand up to try to end racism, discrimination and to integrate blacks and whites. Martin Luther King Jr., wanted black and white children to be able to sit in the same classroom and not have to worry about being called a racist name, but in 1968, he was assassinated before he could see his dream come true.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream has partly come true. Children of all races are now able to sit in the same classroom and talk to each other, but not all racism has disappeared in the schools. Racist words and jokes still linger in the hallways of the schools, but the jokes are no longer just about blacks and whites. They now cover all of the races.

In my opinion, the only way that we could stop racism is if every one was to have a change of heart. People need to start realizing how racism can affect people’s lives. Some people have not gotten jobs, the pay that they deserve, or the respect that they deserve all because of racism.

In conclusion, racism does not just affect blacks and whites; it affects all races. It impacts people in school, work, and many other public places. Even though great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. stepped up to fight against racism, I think that others need to start to step up too. People need to start to realize that racist words and jokes are hurtful and they need to start to make a change. This I believe.