This I Believe

Rajen - Fremont, California
Entered on March 29, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in resurgence. As a child, I was fascinated by the bed time stories of reincarnation and re-birth that my mother used to narrate. Despite that strong fascination during my childhood on after life, as I started to mature, I have developed a different kind of outlook about this whole idea of re-life. I believe, we re-live our lives in ones own life time. I believe we all re-live our lives in others.

As an immigrant, I remember coming to this country and experiencing every aspect of the life here with curiosity. Simple things caused astonishment, flipping the switch up for lights, football being played with hands, list goes on and on. After few years of living here than we get accustomed to the systems, surroundings and culture around and life becomes more monotonous. Very simple things that used to excite or raise my curiosity are way of life now. But the good news is you have another life to live.

When I got married and was accompanied by my wife, I could see her go through the same feeling of excitement, curiosity, astonishment and fear of being new to this country. I see myself living the same experience through her. Seeing my wife going through the experience I went through, doing silly mistakes of using the wrong side of the road, turning on the fire alarm, dialing the 911 by mistake, ignites my earlier memories. I might have visited a place many times, but every time I accompany one of my friends and family members to these places, I could re-live those moments through their eyes and curiosity.

I would see myself re-living every stages of my life again. When my kids were born, I felt I was re-living my childhood through them. It was an opportunity for me to be a child again without my parents being around. Seeing my kids cry the first day of school, made me remember my own fear of school and by providing him the encouragement and support, helps me get myself the closure I needed. The desire to do well in arts and craft, as a child seems to get fulfilled by helping my kids with the craft. I see the kid within me emerge and feel the excitement when my kids’ homework is listed as one of the best.

I also see myself in others pain and sorrow. It gives me the empathy towards others and I re-live through their difficulties by growing wiser each time. I believe, by helping others in their difficult times, gives me an opportunity to redeem my own past challenging times in life. Re-living the moments gives you the opportunity to enjoy past moments again but with a perspective. Every time, I experience this, I believe, I can re-live it any number of times within a life time. I just need the passion to re-ignite it.