This I Believe

Ashley - Hawthorne, New Jersey
Entered on March 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children

I believe life is like a box of scented markers. Do you remember when you were young and you would take out those scented markers and everyone would fight to get the best marker? To me that box of scented markers represents the challenges I face, memories I make, and my emotions.

I remember when someone would open up those boxes of markers. I would run to get the cherry. That maker has a scent that is comforting; it warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. I have learned that’s love. I run to the cherry first because I want to be loved and feel fullness in my heart. The next one would be the grape; it has a lively energetic and fun scent to it. This reminds me of friends and the good times I’ve had and will have in my future. Mint, I loved the mint. It had a calming scent, like everything in the world will be okay. This is what family brings to me, that feeling that no matter what will happen in the world everything will be okay; I am safe in their arms.

Then came the cinnamon, oh, the cinnamon! I would smell that flavor and just want to be sitting at the kitchen table helping my mom cook the 20 different types of cookies that she would make during Christmas time. Orange is the scent that reminds me of summer, with the most stressful thing on my mind being what bathing suit to wear to the beach. I love and treasure the memories of summer. Blueberry was the scent that made me wonder, it had no purpose, or memory, or story behind it. It gave me the chance to imagine, think and ponder about other things. The lemon is the marker that smelled like cleaning products. Not my favorite scent, it reminded me of my chores, which of course I would rather avoid.

Then the last marker was the one that I really didn’t want, Licorice. It smelt horrible; I never wanted to get stuck with it, but when I did, I always had to smell the marker thinking that maybe, just maybe it changed and smelled good. This reminds me of the bad times, that I may try my hardest to avoid but, I have to deal with the pain and the situation at hand.

Everything that I do and feel has a scent to it. The marker that I choose or get stuck with depends on what I am going to have to deal with in my life. A simple marker can bring me back to a great memory or a different type of emotion that I am facing or feeling in my life. I believe that life is like a box of scented markers.