This I Believe

Charlie - Kennesaw, Georgia
Entered on March 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

I believe that fate lies within dreams, and that you decide your fate. Dreams can mean many things. They can be your goals, or what goes through your head while you lay in bed, sleeping. Also, they could be things that you want to come true. I believe fate is not decided, except by yourself. Things happen on there own, but only as an effect of your cause. You should get what you want, but you have to strive toward it. And it all begins, with a dream.

I have had many dreams through my life, up until now, and it will probably change again. Throughout grade school, I had many dreams. First, I was an archaeologist, finding an undiscovered dinosaur skeleton. Then, I was an illustrator, creating my own anime’ cartoon show or comic book. I was a car designer, designing cars unlike anyone had ever seen. Now, I’m a chef with an Italian restaurant in Chicago. It’s okay to change your dreams, although, it may make life a crazed path to drive, if you change it too late

Your life may or may not play out like a book in front of your eyes as your hourglass of life fills up more and more. You just have to make sure that you’re not the reader of the book, or the audience of a playwright. If you are, than you may need to get a clue; other people are writing your life. I may just be a kid, but I think I’ll know when someone else is in control of my life. I don’t want to read my life, I want to write. I’m the author of my life, because my fate is in my hand and in my decisions, not anyone else. I’m going to dream the chapters, and those dreamed chapters will end in my concluded fate. I have changed the story, and that’s okay because I am who I am, and no one’s going to stop me.

Think about all the people who became famous and renown. Actors would have nothing right now if they didn’t dream themselves on the big screen. The inventors would not be inventors if they didn’t dream something to invent. The professional athletes would have no known athletic ability if they didn’t dream themselves scoring championship winning points. The musicians wouldn’t be musicians if they didn’t dream of making songs that would attract any ear. It all started with a dream, and they used that dream and turned it into their fate.

If no one had dreams, where would the diversity in the world be? We might all be CPA’s or IRS agents. Everyone would be “in the flow.” I want to get out of the flow; be famous for my extraordinary food. I believe my fate should be decided by me, and only me, and that fate started with my dreams. This I believe