This I Believe

Kyle - Slinger, Wisconsin
Entered on March 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that school may bring bad days but it also brings us a brighter future. School has bullies, strict teachers, and people that tick you off, but in the heart of it all you feel that they are all showing you how to take control of your life. I believe that strict teachers teach you discipline, bullies teach you to fight for your life, and people that tick you off teach you to control you temper.

I believe that school is not school without strict teachers. Strict teachers are not there to make you mad, sad, or angry. They are there to teach you discipline and self-behavior.

I believe that bullies are not there to hurt you, they are there to teach you a lesson, fight for what is yours, fight for yourself. Bullies are a part of school life. Don’t just let them or anyone else push you around. I believe that you should take pride in your life.

I have gotten pushed around in my lifetime and one day I got sick of it. I decided to not listen to the people trying to push me around and it worked. So, if you let people push you around for the rest of your life you will never learn to take control of your life. Bullies do not learn to stop unless they figure out that no one listens to them.

I believe that there are not only the subjects math, social studies, science, English, and reading, but there are also many other lessons in school; taking on bullies, learning discipline, and fighting for yourself and your rights as a citizen of the world.