This I Believe

haley - lorain, Ohio
Entered on March 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Blind Eyes See What Seeing Eyes Can’t

Appreances are not everything. Sometimes what you may see may not even be

the truth. Imagine this: you’re walking down the street, it’s late and you see a young

man dressed in all black with his head hung low. What’s the first thought you think? Is

it about his clothes or if he’s going to attack you? I know because I must admit I catch

myself judging people when I shouldn’t. I soon learned that you will never really know

a person if you judge them. There’s so much more on the inside than can be seen from

the outside.

Now we’ve come to the same teenage boy. This boy doesn’t talk. This boy does

not smile. Do you ask or do you assume he just hates the world? But really think, have

you ever tried to talk to him? Ever make the effort to ask how his day was? No. So he

goes about thinking no one likes him, all because you couldn’t find it within yourself to

be friends with someone different. What you do, or therefore what you don’t do has

an affect on those around you.

Later you come to a day when you see some older guys making fun of him and

you keep walking. You don’t think anything of it because you think he wouldn’t care

anyhow. Yet, what you don’t see is maybe he hides within those clothes, those books,

hidden smiles, and hidden feelings because no one has ever showed him more. No

one ever took the time to even care for him. You keep walking and never look back,

while he stands…….alone.

Years later your walking down that same street, and who do you see? This

time you don’t keep walking. You stop and talk, you learn, and finally you listen.

Your eyes fooled you all along. He had feelings and he cared, wondering why all this

time you kept walking. You couldn’t answer that question, because there was no real

answer to give. So this time he kept walking, leaving you standing……alone.

This boy is me. This boy is you. Just because he dresses in what we think is

not normal, how does that make him any different? Some say, ” We go through life

blind,” but in reality even the blind can see. They feel with their heart, they see with

their words. If a blind man met this boy, he’d see him for who he realy was. He wouldn’t

care about his clothes or his hobbies, but you would. Your eyes show you what they

want to see, but if the eyes were blind they’d see the heart.

I believe your eyes can make you into a fool. An appearance is an expression of

yourself, but not always who you are. The clothes don’t make the man. It’s what you do

that decides who you are. If you care about nothing more but what your eyes may see,

then you could be missing out.