This I Believe

Andrew - lorain, Ohio
Entered on March 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love, tolerance

-Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer-

Eyes are always staring in my direction, looking me up and down, judging me and making small remarks in low tones to not be eavesdropped on. Why does society have to react to my actions in such a way? They should treat me better than this supercilious way. These people need to gain a greater comprehension of anthropocentrism than they already own to understand me better. Why can’t they get over the fact that I am holding another male’s hand walking around this mall? I believe that there is no difference in who we fall in love with; whether male or female, ‘tis all the same.

The typical cliché of a relationship is: man sees women; man courts woman; woman enjoys man’s company; man proposes to woman; man and woman have children; man and woman raise children; both live a happy life and die eventually. Oh, how simple, sweet and easy to live a typical heterosexual relationship. Sure, there might be a divorce here and there or some other issues but they get through it. But for a homosexual relationship, things are frequently different and hard to get through.

Do we both agree that a hand is just a simple hand, with disregard to the rest of a body? I see nothing wrong with holding someone else of my same sex, or the opposite for that matter. Has anyone else realized that girls can touch each other and no one will dare to think of anything to come of it. So why is it so different when men touch each other? Male athletes do it all the time. But does anyone know that there are a plethora of gay men in every sport that there is out there?

So I just stand there in this mall, with a tenable motive to ignore them and think of myself as a high-class, not stoop to their level of ignorance. It seems I have to defend my love everywhere we go to everyone we met who doesn’t approve that men can love each other. Why must everything be so hard in life. Do they, the people that stare, think I am a phlegmatic animal? But what they will never know or understand is that my love for him is a veritable kind.

Over the fear of people judging me and maybe even hating me for what I believe in, I implicate everyone else to their own life to show and see if they are in love, or like who they are that they are reduced to talk about other people. We are all the same deep down within and if people can not see that then they will never understand what’s truly around them that can make them whole.

I believe true love may come where it may. Love is love in the end, if only you can see it.