This I Believe

Laurie - Bismarck, North Dakota
Entered on March 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: golden rule

Not long ago, I lost my digital camera. It was very important to me because I had worked hard to pay for it and I had photos on it from a recent family trip. After looking everywhere and asking around, I accepted that someone had probably found it and decided to keep it. Feeling sorry for myself and upset about my lost camera, I went to work. When I arrived at work, I went to the bathroom and found a ten dollar bill lying on the floor. I picked up the bill and thought maybe my luck had changed. Standing there I realized that perhaps this was a test of my morals. If I were to keep the ten dollars, I would be ten dollars richer and nobody would even care, but somebody else would be out the money. With karma in mind, I went out into our office area and announced that I had found this ten dollar bill in the bathroom. I asked if anyone had lost the money, and of course, a girl I worked with had lost the money. So I returned it to her and went on with my work.

The next day at college, I was checking out some books from the library and for some reason I asked the librarian if anyone had turned in a digital camera. She told me they had found one and had put it away for safe keeping. She pulled out the camera and sure enough, it was mine. I thanked her numerous times and left. All day I kept thinking about the irony of retuning the ten dollar bill I had found, and then finding my camera.

I believe that if we are honest and do the right thing, we will be rewarded. Even though being honest may not always seem like the wisest or best choice, in the end it always is. I believe that the honesty of every individual is shaped by the events in his or her life. Also, I believe that we regularly are given “tests” in our lives which tempt us.

The day after finding my camera, I was purchasing some things at a store. As I was watching the screen I realized the cashier had missed one of my items that cost about ten dollars. She gave me the total and I thought to myself, “Hmmm… I tell her that she missed the item or just pretend like I didn’t notice?” I immediately brought it to the cashiers’ attention that she had missed the item and she thanked me.

I believe that if I expect people to be honest with me, I must also be honest with them. Also, I think that honesty needs to be evident in all circumstances, not just the ones that we feel are important. Ultimately, I believe that honesty can impact our lives in greater ways than we can ever imagine, and that honesty and fate go hand and hand.