This I Believe

Paige - Calgary, Canada
Entered on March 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that every single person on this planet has something to offer, something totally unique and vital to the development of our society. Unfortunately due to the prevalence of discrimination and prejudice among today, we often judge people before we have a chance to meet them and understand them.

I believe that discrimination and prejudice must be stopped not only to prevent the ill affects caused by racism, sexism, ageism and other types of discrimination, but so that we are able to learn from each other. Everyone’s life is different and therefore every individual has a lesson to teach. Only by taking the time to understand a person and their point of view can these lessons be learned, and only by opening up and expressing one’s self can these lessons be taught. By both allowing and encouraging people to meet new friends and discover new points of view and opinions, we can become more cultured and well rounded as a society. If we strive to understand, tolerate and embrace the beliefs that we share as well as the beliefs that make us different, we can learn compassion and become more cultured and well-rounded, traits that will, in turn, contribute to a peaceful and accepting society. Even if we as a school could achieve this, the difference in everyone’s self esteem and attitude towards people in our city and around the world could be positively affected. Once we begin to make a change towards the acceptance and interest in other people and other culture it will not only improve our interactions with each other but also help us to better understand ourselves. Taking actions towards creating a more understanding and compassionate community can become contagious, therefore it only takes a small group of people to start a chain reaction that could improve our world and our selves. The concept is simple, take the time you get to know the people around you better, learn from them and let them learn from you, and through this you benefit you community, your world and yourself.