This I Believe

Donnie - Mesquite, Texas
Entered on March 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


I believe in surfing and ocean support, this I believe. I believe that not just American people should have the right to surf and to enjoy ones self at any local beach in the world. The earth is a beautiful place and although not many people thinks so it is very fragile. Yea I know that the ground is hard and the sky is the limit, but still if too many of us keep doing what we are doing to this world then eventually the world is going to give up on us. So what exactly are we doing that will eventually lead to this world’s end… Pollution. I know everybody already heard about pollution, parents drill this idea in to their children head when they are young about how to not litter, and not to leave the water running while brushing your teeth. But obviously something is wrong when you understand this concept and obey by it. That is until your 18 then, who gives a shit. Excuse my French, but honestly people why would you even think about doing anything to disrupt our ecosystem. That’s one of the reason’s surfing is falling “down under”. If people would just believe in what they want and go for it, this world, I KNOW will be a better place. I believe in world survival, and the survival of surfing throughout the world.