This I Believe

Jamie - Mesquite, Texas
Entered on March 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I tend to work my hardest when I am in a crunch for time. Usually, I have weeks and sometimes even whole months to do projects and I find myself waiting until the last minute to get them completed. When I do this, it is then that I often come to discover that my work is at its all-time high. I believe in procrastination.

It wasn’t until I started high school that I began to procrastinate, because no one was forcing me to do the work in a timely manner. One night I waited so late to start a project, that I was late for school from staying up so long to finish it. However, when it was presentation time and we got our grades back, I had gotten an “A”, and kids who had previously done their projects weeks before barely made by with “B’s”. I had finally found my niche. My key to success was waiting until the last minute. Somewhere between the heavy eyes and 4 to 5 cans of Red Bull, I’d made success of something that only took one all-nighter. If procrastination gave royalty titles, I would be the Queen.

Everyone shouldn’t procrastinate, because they generally end up with horrible work, but for me it’s different. Procrastination now gives me a drive to do the unimaginable. It is a challenge, and when life hands me challenges, I just sit back, and wait until the last minute to start them.