This I Believe

Tyler - Sammamish, Washington
Entered on March 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

Friendships are like stars. When stars are born, they are bright, shiny, and very warm. But as the lifespan of the star increases, they start to dim, turning old and cold, eventually diminishing into nothing. In some cases stars collide with others, disintegrating both stars into molten metal, turning frigid cold and lifeless instantly. In every person’s heart, there are lots of stars, some glowing brighter and larger than others. But as life progresses, animals, plants, stars, and ultimately friendships die. This, I believe.

Over the course of my life, I’ve moved 10 times resulting in many hardships between me and my friends. The most stressful time was when I was going to transfer from elementary to middle school in 6th grade. I was the type of kid that took education seriously and I was very excited about my new educational career ahead of me and all the fun I could’ve had with my friends. The friends I created here were friends from second grade, whom I shared very tough and the most exciting times with. I created many deep and happy memories that I’ll never forget in my entire life. After these years, I didn’t expect my mom to make my life crumble like an old building, dead, after being bombed. As I heard my mom’s cold words bull-dozing my comfortable life which I spent so much time creating, I felt… lifeless. Those words were, “I’m very sorry to tell you this, but we’re moving”. I tried many methods to prevent this from happening. Each try, no luck. Failure would always come. My mom would always yell, “You can make new friends when you go to your new school”, but parents never understand the hardships kids have to go through to make friends. For the rest of the year, I tried my best to have fun and play with my friends every chance I had. Then, the final day came. Living life had been hard, but it was nothing like the last day. The worst part was that it was a half day. Glancing at the clock every 3 minutes to check to see how much time left before the bell at 12:10 would ring, I had my last fun time with my best friends I knew I would never see again. The following morning, it seemed all the stars winked out. This is where my most important lesson was taught to me. Friendships die.

After our family moved to a nearby city called Covington, my parents decided to move…again… Six months later, I was transported to a city I’ve never heard before called “Issaquah”. Another six months later, I was hauled to a neighborhood called “Trosacchs”, having to switch schools…again…

Although stars may seem beautiful gazing at them, in reality you know that those stars will never be there forever. All over the universe, things are born, destroyed, and reborn in a non-ending cycle. Friends fight, loses and gains friends in a never-ending cycle, just like the stars. This is why I come to believe friendship is a beautiful thing that causes suffering in the end. This, I believe.